TV and your babe’s brain (a bit of a rant)

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This morning I came across yet another article telling us mommies and daddies that plopping our kid in front of the TV diminishes language development. There are quotes from research, fancy important people sharing facts and ratios, and a couple of big words tossed in, too.

Really? I think most of us KNOW that using television as a babysitter isn’t the best for encouraging our wee tot’s brains.

What I did find interesting was that the article states that the stuff we like our kids to watch, like Sesame Street or Yo Gabba Gabba, weren’t taken into consideration in the study. Just shows not geared for kids.

Hey, guess what? My daughter doesn’t watch anything other than PBS kid shows and maybe an occasional Disney movie. I’m not cuddling up on the couch with her to catch a couple of episodes of True Blood.

And, if a parent IS watching that with their young child, that’s just not cool.

I think we are all aware that the television isn’t the best for encouraging brain development, stimulating learning, or motivating interaction. But, when a parent is watching WITH the child and enjoying the bonding time together, doesn’t that count for something? Stating that it is recommended that all children under the age of two aren’t exposed to ANY TELEVISION AT ALL seems a bit unrealistic, doesn’t it?

How about some research on which shows motivate kids to learn new things or develop language skills? Maybe some uplifting information on how Sesame Street is one of the longest running television shows dedicated to educate and inform? I’d love to hear about new and exciting educational children’s programs like Juno Baby!

So, until then, I’m letting my child enjoy her allotted 60-minutes of daily television, which usually includes our favorite, Sesame Street. Sometimes we get in some Sid the Science Kid, and a bit of another goodie, The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!.

What television shows are you watching with your kids – or do you keep the TV off in your home?

One thought on “TV and your babe’s brain (a bit of a rant)

  1. I hear ya! Oliver watches all of 5 minutes of Thomas the Train per day and maybe like 5 minutes of ESPN Sports Center (cuz he LOVE’S balls) with his Daddy in the morning but that’s truly all the time he’ll sit still for. And I feel totally guilty about it!

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