Healthful Mondays: The holiday pounds

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I put my jeans on the other day and they were tight. Not just a little tight, like shimmy on in and then do a couple of squats to stretch them out tight, but muffin-top tight. Thanksgiving was a blowout with cheese, sausage, stuffing, BREAD, butter, MORE BREAD, a good amount of mashed potatoes and gravy, and some cookies for dessert. I also made that cheesecake and ate my fair share. So, basically, I’ve packed on some holiday pounds.

It’s not just me. The husband has a little extra wiggle around the middle, too.

Now, how to get rid of the pounds? With Christmas in just a couple of weeks, I know there is more and more eating, along with a good amount of drinking, right around the corner.

I like doing yoga, walking, sitting, reading, and eating. Yoga happens if I’m lucky – and if the babe’s awake, most of that short yoga session is spent with her hanging on me or trying to imitate down-dog. I do spend a good amount of the day walking and moving about, but, I’ll be honest, I sure like sitting, reading, and eating.

I needed help and I needed it FAST! How do other mamas get rid of the extra pounds? If I start good healthy eating and exercise habits right now, maybe they’ll last through Christmas – and beyond!

My friends over at Momster had some fantastic ideas from real-life ladies dealing with the same thing. What I learned is there’s no way to shed the weight without putting forth some effort and and giving the whole shedding of pounds process a good amount of time. One mama suggested switching over to salad plates at meal times – awesome idea (although the hubs wont like it)!

Now I’ve got motivation for cutting back during meals, but what about getting my sweat on? It’s really hard to make time to exercise when you’ve got a wee tot, but I can’t keep using that as an excuse. And maybe there are some things I could be doing WITH the babe that I haven’t thought of.

I love Fitness Magazine and enjoy checking out what they have to say on the health front and found a fun article sharing winter ways to shed the holiday pounds. Along with great ides, they included calorie counts for some of my favorite treats, which also put things a bit in perspective, too.

So, instead of spending loads on a gym membership, I’m going to strap the babe into the baby-back-pack and head out on a brisk hike – and drag the hubs with me. Although there’s no snow in my neighborhood to shovel, spending an afternoon weeding and raking the leaf-ridden yard will also burn tons of calories!

What’s your secret for beating the holiday bulge?

2 thoughts on “Healthful Mondays: The holiday pounds

  1. I track my food intake on and my exercise. I aim for 30 minutes of calorie burning exercise each day. I use nap time to get my sweat on, twins nap and I burn off around 300-800 calories.

    I started with twin in jogging stroller when we have nice weather. Cold weather hits, I switch to at home workout dvds. These are my favorites: Brazil Butt Lift, Turbo Jam, TurboFire. These helped me lose all my baby weight from twins and them some. I’m actually smaller than before I was pregnant and wear bikini again. I also have a elliptical at home to use when the kids don’t nap. I also use the kids as weights for my legs and arms.

    Key is move, move and move some more.. I do jumping jacks while the pasta cooks for dinner, lunges while biscuits cook at breakfast, use your time wisely. Start 5, 10, 15 spurts of getting your heart rate up helps to keep your metabolism faster.

    Message me if you need more help. I have tons of ways to help.

  2. Thanks for the great ideas, Suzanne! First thing in the morning I’m checking out the DVD’s you suggested. I’ll keep you posted on how things go!

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