Potty-training… continued

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We gave potty training a try a couple of months ago, and due to lack of enthusiasm from my babe (and myself) our efforts didn’t really pay off. But, with the wee tot’s second birthday right around the corner, I think it’s time to really give this potty training thing a shot. So, we’re going to seriously work on potty training starting in December.

Why not start tomorrow?  Yeah, I don’t know. It just seems we need a couple of days before giving this potty training thing serious effort.

I already purchased a kid potty and have moved it to the upstairs bathroom, because we are up there more than downstairs. Makes sense, right? And, I brought up some extra diapers, wipes, and am going to pick up some pull-ups. I’m not a big fan of pull-ups (with all those cartoon-character promotions), but hey, they pull up and down easily – just like real undies.

While working the preschool gamut I helped other kids potty train, so don’t know what my hesitation is with getting started with MY child. I think a small part of me (hiding in the back depths of my brain) DOESN’T want to start potty training because it means by baby isn’t a babe anymore.


I would love to package her up and keep her just the way she is.

I know I can’t.

So, we’re starting potty training December 1st. I’ll keep you updated.

2 thoughts on “Potty-training… continued

  1. Do you have an update on how it’s going? My tike is 22 mos and we’ve been contemplating starting the process this month but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Any tips?

  2. Well, we’re still enjoying sitting on the potty, but she’s not really doing much of anything other than sitting on the potty! I think it’s more of a game than anything for her right now…
    I’m planning on being more diligent starting next month after the holidays and having her try every half an hour and then gradually move into pull-ups/underwear.
    It doesn’t go quickly – and I totally admit to not being very motivated either! HA.
    Good luck, Elaine!

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