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There hasn’t been much sleep going on at our house – other than the snoring hubs who seems to be able to slumber through just about anything. It seems the baby’s all mixed up on her sleep routine, which wakes me up, and then the cats are prowling about trying to figure out what’s going on. It’s pushed me to the brink of almost-insanity. Any of you out there (even if you’re not a parent) know how frazzled you are when a decent night’s sleep hasn’t been had. And, my brink of almost-insanity was quickly starting to become total insanity – along with some super-not-so-nice mamma behavior.

I knew it was bad when my mom sent me a concerned email suggesting I might want to look into some solutions for my problem. I started feeling like my “problem” was something else – like I was sneaking cigarettes in the wee hours of the night. I didn’t want to talk about it with others, was quickly becoming withdrawn, slap-happy, and over-caffeinated. I had to agree with mom. Something had to be done.

So, I picked up the trusty computer and did some research. After finding a fun discussion on the Motherboard about where your lack of sleep shows (hello, my patience level!) I discovered an article about Dreaming of Better Sleep. And, ironically, I actually HAD a dream the other night about getting a good night’s sleep. HA.

Well, it’s nice to know I’m not alone. With two-thirds of women not getting enough sleep, you’d think the world would be big mess o-ornery mammas, but somehow we still endure! Luckily, I’m not the type of non-sleeper that’s lying awake fuming over the fact that my hubs is snoring happily next to me or freaking out about work stuff. I wake up because the baby’s crying or the cat is scratching or the hubs biffed me while rolling over.  Then my body seems to think it’s morning – and I start obsessing about the upcoming holidays.


So, I decided to try a couple of Family Circle’s suggestions and turned my clock away from the bed while sleeping, picked up some nice sturdy – and dark – curtains, and started a bed-time routine. I almost felt like I was the kid brushing my teeth, closing the curtains, moving the clock and getting tucked in tight. But it actually did the trick. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I also cut back on my alcohol consumption and made a real effort to have dinner ready before super-late o-clock, which helped, too.

These last few nights I’ve slumbered blissfully for almost six-hours of uninterrupted sleep! This means the babe is sleeping better, too. I think she’s feeding off my happy-sleep vibe. Let’s see how long it continues…

I have my fingers crossed!

So, what are your tricks for getting a good night’s sleep, or are you still tossing and turning trying to find solutions?

3 thoughts on “Getting a good night’s sleep

  1. If I get six hours, I’m satisfied. Lately I’ve been waking up too often. drives me bats too. can’t blame it on the kids – but over thinking is the real culprit for me. Often its only when I’ve had a bit too much fun that I really get the zzzz’s. Then a full night of sleep pops on the horizon and I”m good to go for another week. xo

  2. OMG – I’m so glad I’m not the only one with sleep issues! I mean, I know I’m not, but it’s always nice to find a kindred spirit. I’ve been battling chronic insomnia since my kiddo was born 13 months ago. Ugh! I finally started acupuncture, but I’m not far enough into it to really see any improvement. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. I found it through your guest post on Chill Mama Chill’s site.

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