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I would love to share with you a wonderous recipe or exciting fall art activity, but the honest truth is that I’ve been super lazy these last couple days. The babe’s been fighting a dripping nose, it’s been hot (like in the 90’s), and I’m totally not motivated. After being a human tissue for a couple of hours, battling with the babe over naps, and then getting a couple of bits of work in, I’m so not feeling the crafty vibe.

Oh well.

There’s nothing wrong with being lazy – in fact I think sometimes we are all trying to get too much done and then everything is over super fast. The other day, I enjoyed a long walk (in this heat) with the babe and we just strolled, and strolled, and strolled. We didn’t really have a destination or reason to rush back. I wasn’t expecting any important emails or phone calls, so we just meandered about pointing at leaves and waving at cars. I even caught myself thinking about nothing. NOTHING.

It was pretty nice.

Then, yesterday, instead of doing our usual afternoon routine of washing dishes, cleaning, laundry (blah, blah, blah) we decided to sit and watch a movie – and eat grapes. My daughter was wanting some cuddles, so instead of rushing her out of her lazy nap mode, we snuggled in our big bed and watched a cheesy movie, which I don’t even remember, but we sure had a great time singing, pointing, and jabbering.

When my husband arrived home after his long day and made comment about the state of affairs the house was in, I didn’t even get nasty with him. I simply told him that I was lazy and didn’t get to it. I was having far too much fun relaxing and sharing some wonderful bonding time with the wee tot.

Really – what could he say to that?

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