The preschool situation

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Well, as you know, my daughter just started preschool, and I went back to school with her. So, not only is she getting used to a new routine, I’m right there with her. Things have been going pretty smoothly (for the most part), but I knew it was only a matter of time before things started to get crazy.

Ironically, I had just been chatting with my friends over at the Motherboard about hitting the preschool scene. My daughter has a bit of a runny nose from her first foray with various germs that she wasn’t exposed to in my squeaky-clean house (HA!) and I was curious if this was a common occurrence with other babes. That’s when things really started to go bump in the night.


First off, my cat has been really enjoying bringing in various living creatures to visit (like snakes) and we’ve had to nip that in the bud by keeping all doors securely closed at night. This sometimes means that wee kitty is left outdoors to fend for herself. Don’t worry – she’s a big girl. But, that didn’t stop her from making some major noise the other night, which woke me up, which then woke up the babe.

I couldn’t get her back to sleep.

So, there we were. Wide-awake at 4 am in the morning – on a school day.


Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t only essential for growing kids, but for adults, too. When everyone is happily rested, it sure is lots easier to gather homework, pack lunch, and easily, and calmly, drop the little bugger off at school. AND, he’ll probably skip away with a huge smile on his face, too.

I’ve learned that having everything ready to go the night before helps ensure that on those crazed mornings (whether due to cat shenanigans or a snoring husband), I get my daughter to school with her important essentials – like food and water. I’m so fine with the fact that she often has on miss-matched clothes or grabbed a unique lovey item to share at school during the day (like my watch).

So, let’s be honest. I’m also having a bit of an issue with the fact that my wee baby IS old enough to go to preschool. AND, that she literally does skip away from me with a huge grin on her face at drop off. Granted, I’m next door and we sometimes see each other during the day, but she sure doesn’t care when I say “bye” and head to my classroom.

I’m learning how to understand that she’s a big girl now, and is ready to have her own adventures without me. It still makes me a little sad, but I’m figuring this whole thing out as I go.

We all are, aren’t we?

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