We started preschool

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This was the first week of preschool – for me and my daughter. She started her educational adventure, and I returned to the wee-tot classroom. I really didn’t know what to expect, but now that the week is over (and we all survived), I’m feeling pretty good about how things went.

My daughter didn’t seem to care that I wasn’t with her all the time, holding her hand and offering help as she ran around the play area and explored the classroom. In fact (gasp), she didn’t look for me at all. She was totally content to do her own thing, go to the other teachers for assistance, and play with the kids without any biting, hitting, screaming, or extreme amounts of her new thing – kissing.

I didn’t have much time to hold back my tears. I had lots of little hands reaching for mine, looking to me for something fun to do, and support as their mommies and daddies went away. While I was doing fun art activities and exploring clay with other kids, I kept my eye out for my daughter. But, she was off having a great time.

So, I did the same.

And, we both had a wonderful time!

Yeah preschool!

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