Isn’t she talking yet?

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Isn’t she talking yet?

I was completely surprised that this woman standing behind me at the grocery store was asking me this question, but then saw the small 6-year-old-ish child sitting in the front of her full cart and instantly understood.

She’s a mom. She feels she has the right to talk this way to other moms with younger children than her own.

I hadn’t realized she’d been making smiley faces at my daughter while I’d been busily unloading my cart. All I heard was the unending chatter that my wee tot exudes constantly that I’ve begun to understand in my own mommy-translation way.

Nope, I said. She’s not talking yet. She’s busy streaming, trying to pronounce, and pointing. But, she’s not talking yet.

Well, do you read to her – does she interact with other speaking children?

Okay, I totally admit to feeling like this conversation was going a bit out of my comfort zone. I’m all-good with where my daughter’s at as far as her language skills go, and don’t feel that she’s dealing with any delay or developmental issues.

As I was attempting to get my sleep-deprived brain to come up with a witty remark, the cashier asking how I was paying saved me. I flashed a smile at my new mommy friend, and completed my grocery transaction.

And then my daughter super-saved the day by waving and saying bah-bye in her adorable babe way.

I just about kissed her to death as we walked out of the store.

One thought on “Isn’t she talking yet?

  1. Oh these moms’ moments, I know them so well (we all do). I guess it ends up that you know when to listen & when to ignore. Sometimes, mothers with experience know stuff (I say, with a nearly fifteen year old down to toddler; there are things I can spot, just because I’ve seen so much or had that kid with low tone/sensory issues etc) & then again, I’ll never forget when my first was a couple of weeks old being told by someone I’d suffocate him in the Bjorn. Pul-eeze.

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