The painting

I had an old canvas lying about, and after doing our circle art activity the other day, was inspired to attack it – with the babe! I figured she’d help create a wonderfully modern art creation.

And, she sure did.

Like what you see? YOU can do it, too! All you need is a canvas of any size, some acrylic paints, old clothes (for you and the babe), and lots and lots of patience.

It also helps to have no expectations for the outcome of the painting, and let your little one go with what feels right for her. I moved the canvas around to help my daughter paint the spots that were just out of reach, and encouraged her to use big-bold brush strokes.

We had a great time working together – and enjoying a bath when we were done!

3 thoughts on “The painting

  1. That’s great! My kids love art. Just read post with the walking mom on the phone….so sad. I often wonder, what is so important? Secretly, I hate the phone. šŸ˜‰


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