Healthful Mondays: Water world

My daughter is addicted to water. She can’t get enough of it. If we’re outside, she finds any kind of water to play in. When I get ready to take a shower, she starts taking off her clothes to jump in. Anytime the fridge is opened, she’s there with her sippy cup. She’s also grown fond of ice cubes.

I guess there are worse things she could’ve taken a liking to.

Water is what makes the world the place it is. We’re told to drink eight glasses of water daily, which I try to accomplish as often as possible. A nice shower (baths are a thing of a past with a young child) always makes things better. And, I find enjoying a lake, stream, pond or ocean wonderful.

Everyone is hip to the benefits of water, lugging their own water container around to fill and re-use, showing they are aware of saving the planet as well as being healthy.  Water helps you lose weight, flush toxins out of your system, carries nutrients throughout your body and elevates your mood. That doesn’t mean you have to chug-a-lug all day long – just make sure to take lots of sips during the day.

For those that are not enticed by boring old water, many fruits are high in water content, such as watermelon. Tea, coffee and most juices are also mostly composed of water. And, there’s also mineral and sparkling water.

So, if you’re reaching for that soda and wondering why instead of feeling vivacious you’re dragging your toes, try some ice-cold water (or sparkling water) instead. Maybe you’ll notice a difference.

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