The bottle battle

My daughter is just about 15 months and having a nice warm bottle before bed is the routine she’s been enjoying since she was born. Yes, I did breastfeed, and wanted to for as long as possible, but SHE made the choice to be done with my low supply boobies and opt for the free-flowing and bountiful bottle. So, every night before bed she slurps 6 to 8-ounces of tasty warm whole milk. I would opt for one also, but am sure someone out there would find fault with that.

The other day while at our healthy-check-check-up, our pediatrician suggested starting to wean her from the bottle. I told him she was already happy with a sippy-cup and is even able to drink from a glass, along with dumping whatever she was drinking from said glass all over herself. Nope. He was referring to the bottle before bed.


I nodded along with him and raced home. I wanted to research this. Can’t she continue having a bottle until she’s at least 2? Can’t I stretch that to 3? I really want to sleep at night and, of course, want my daughter to sleep, also. BUT, I really want to sleep at night. That bottle helps make that happen.

Just like all other transitions we’ve been through (moving to the crib, no night feedings, not constantly feeding…) the bottle has been the constant – other than our unconditional love. So, my big fear is the removal of the bottle will cause great disruption in our somewhat-perfect-6-hours-of-sleep life.

For now, I’m giving her the bottle. I just don’t have the energy for the bottle battle and figure when we go for our 18-month, doc and I can have our own battle about it.

Now, who wants a warm bottle of milk?

3 thoughts on “The bottle battle

    • He thinks I should eliminate the bottle before bed – that’s it. UGH. I just don’t get it or actually see it happening. I’m good with her having a bottle until she’s 13 before bed if it helps her sleep through the night. I think it’s the idea/feeling that she’s getting “too old” to be having a nighty-night bottle.

      I want her to stay a baby forever 🙁

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