Healthful Mondays – Pilates

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to exercise. I do it, but am not into the high-impact-super-sweaty kinda stuff. Anything that guarantees getting in shape that involves laying down, sitting in a chair or low-impact cardio, I’m excited about.

While pregnant, I figured I needed to do something to stay in shape that wouldn’t shake the baby. Someone suggested to check out Pilates, so I did. At first I thought the whole thing had to be a bunch of hooey – something that promised long lean legs and a flat tummy by doing slow movements. I wanted long lean legs and a flat tummy (yes, I am fully aware that a flat tummy can NOT be obtained while pregnant – but I had visions for the future).

With a couple of fun and super short work out DVD’s, I started out slow and found Pilates to be an enjoyable and challenging work out routine that was beneficial during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Today, along with attempting some cardio to keep the heart healthy, I still do Pilates almost every day. Do I have long lean legs and a flat tummy? NO. Genetically, I’m just not built that way. I can still dream though, right?

My favorite pregnancy Pilates work out was Pilates During Pregnancy with Niece Pacenka. Not only do I like Niece’s name, I found her routines easy to follow, comfortable and adjustable for your trimester. Post pregnancy, I couldn’t get enough of Ana Caban and her Maintenance Pilates for Weight Loss. These short work outs kick your tushy and are also easy to follow. Yes, you spend most of the routine on your back, but be ready for your stomach to burn the next day!

So, whether you are pregnant and want an engaging work out or just looking for a way to get some defined muscles, check out Pilates. You can do it in the comfort of your own home or check out a class at your local gym. In no time you can look just like me!

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