Mother’s Day

On this special day celebrating mamas everywhere, I sit here and think about my adventure thus far as a mother. I wasn’t sure IF I was going to be a mama, as getting pregnant took us a long (LONG) three years. During that time I questioned if being a mom was the right thing for me, if my body was trying to tell me something or if I should just enjoy the life I had sans children.

Then, I got pregnant. Everything changed.

My days are full of my child. She really wouldn’t have it any other way. My life is completely different. No longer can I sleep in until 9 am on Sunday mornings, having one too many drinks isn’t a possibility (because you never know if a late night trip to the emergency room might be necessary) and owning anything white is impossible. There are some sacrifices with motherhood, but they are all worth it.

So, on this Mother’s Day when my husband asked me what I wanted in celebration of “me,” I told him another fantastic day. Because, in my world, every day is Mother’s Day.

I did ask for some chocolate, too.

One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. And even when your children are no longer in your daily care, it still is Mother’s Day every day. I, as a mother, just never forget.

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