Look what I can do!

The other day I just couldn’t shake a bad mood. I tried eating (which usually helps), going for a walk, and watching a cheesy movie. The mood wouldn’t budge. It was a hanger-on-er.

When you are a parent, you don’t get a day off. Your child isn’t going to pat your back and tell you not to worry about it, they can entertain themselves for a couple of hours. As a stay-at-home-crazy-mom, there isn’t even a minute off. I don’t get to do anything (really, anything) without her.

So, the other day while I was feeling out of sorts, my daughter was pretty confused as to where her normal silly mom had gone. She pulled all her special tricks to get her special momma to come out and play, but I didn’t budge. I was still ornery.

It just so happened she figured it out while I was slathering another piece of bread with butter. As I came around the corner I was aware that the living room was a bit quieter than usual. You know what I mean. That quiet that means there is definitely something going on. Your heart beats a little faster, you begin to panic. Did you remember to plug all the sockets? Did the baby shove something bad into her mouth?


My adorable babe had decided she was ready to wear a bra. And, had done a pretty good job of putting it on – all by herself.

What makes you feel better when you are having a bad day?

0 thoughts on “Look what I can do!

  1. Cute!

    I hear you on the ‘no day off’ thing. This was one of those days for me. My husband flew off to Las Vegas this afternoon, and staring down a few days totally alone is putting me in a funk.

    At times like this, when all else fails, I wait until the kids are asleep and then I watch some truly horrific TV. Something that my husband would HATE. Because I’ve earned some mindless entertainment, I say!

  2. I have no idea HOW my daughter figured this out. I think I’ve put my bra on in front of her once.

    They are so darn observant.

    Amber, I also indulge in some of the absolute worst television during times like these. I’m sure, if we ever compared notes, we would have similar lists….

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