The toilet bowl brush is NOT a toy

While attempting to have a proper conversation on the phone my adorable daughter wobbled into the room wielding the toilet bowl brush with glee. Without thinking I told her the toilet bowl brush was not a toy and tried to continue my phone discussion. I almost fell over my comfy house pants trying to wrangle the newfound toy from my child’s hand!

Along with the toilet bowl brush, shards of wood meant for the fireplace and potentially eye-popping utensils have found their way into my daughter’s tender little hands. I’m not sure how this has happened as I have spent countless hours baby proofing the house. My child has a talent for finding ways to play with danger.

As a new mom there are times I find myself saying or doing something absolutely absurd. Nobody thinks they will one day spend hours obsessing over the best odor eliminating diaper pail or whether to allow the baby to eat cereal off the floor. These are the days of my life, the questions I conquer, the issues I face.

I used to work with someone who always said to not sweat the small stuff and thought she was quite annoying. I now have to swallow my past irritation and agree that when dealing with a growing child just learning about the world that you can’t sweat the small stuff. You learn how to adapt and adjust. You make decisions about what is serious and what you can live with.

So, while I was chasing my daughter frantically trying to recover the toilet bowl brush I decided to hang up the phone and laugh along with my daughter!

Just so you know, we did take a really long soapy bath afterwards.

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