How DOES baby learn to dance?

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My adorable innocent babe was doing the bump and grind in the living room to some groovy tunes I had playing. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I stopped what I was doing and stared at her. Who taught her this? How did she figure this out? I can’t even move my hips that fast!

While I clapped insanely and laughed as she continued butt shaking and grooving out she tossed in a couple handclaps and “raise the roofs” before finishing her amazing dance routine. I was dumbfounded. She didn’t learn this from the other babes at preschool (she doesn’t go), or the bad girls at the park (we haven’t been in awhile) and I don’t make a practice of prancing around the house hoochy dancing every chance I get. How did she learn how to do this?!

I googled “how does a baby learn to dance” and found some interesting results, most I am not going to share. But it does look like getting our groove on is actually hard wired in our brains. There have been times you couldn’t help your toes tapping or your head from nodding along to the music. Well, baby has that in her too!

The minute my husband walked in the door after his long day I pumped the music and watched him watch the baby bump away. Once the music was over and all our laughing died down he uttered, “you know she isn’t allowed out of the house until she’s 18, right?”


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