Baby’s in charge

While at the market the other day I let my baby hold, or actually bite, my wallet. She really wouldn’t have it any other way and needing to get the shopping done, I decided to just let her have the ridiculous pink shiny thing of her desire. Without giving it another thought (like hello, my money and stuff is in there!), I went about my shopping and proceeded to get in the shortest line amazed to be getting out of the store in record time.

Time to pay! Wait, where is my wallet? Using my ever-diminishing powers of remembrance the image of my innocent babe chewing on my pink billfold popped into my head. UGH. I went screaming through the isles like a crazed woman, which I was, looking everywhere. Before giving up all hope I checked at the front “help” counter. The smiling gentleman waved my wonderful pink wallet in front of me, obviously amused with my situation.

As I walked out of the store breathing deeply and trying to erase the memory of what just happened from my head, I decided it would be best not to tell anyone about what had transpired at the grocery store. But then I just laughed and realized it could have been a lot worse. And I am sure someone out there knows what I am talking about!

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