We went a walking, well not really

I was really looking forward to a nice long walk to ease the mind and get some fresh air. The exercise part of it isn’t so bad either. Getting a good walk in helps me think things out properly and also just zone out. The other day I had  found a great place to walk with wonderful views and a nice paved path, which is beneficial when walking with a baby in a big ol’ stroller.

We packed up and I noticed a few clouds rolling in. I grabbed sweatshirts and figured we would head out anyway. I was determined to go for a walk. By the time we got to my perfect walking spot, it was raining. We are talking a distance of about 3 miles from house to walk location. Raining. So, we turned around and headed home, our walk plans over.

By the time we turned in the driveway, it had stopped raining. I literally put my head down on the steering wheel and laughed. I laughed and laughed. I know I could have tossed the baby into the stroller and walked around the neighborhood, but the time for a walk had passed – and I was determined to walk along my favorite path. When I am determined, I am determined. I continued to laugh.

I really wanted to go for a walk.

I decided to console myself by spending the day cooking and letting the baby taste test for me.

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