Baby Einstein refund

Dr. Susan Linn, determined doctor against Baby Einstein, and Susan McLain, General Manager of Baby Einstein are having a baby education smack down. It seems that Dr. Linn feels the Baby Einstein videos say they will produce baby Einstein’s, which Linn finds is far from the truth.  She even filed a complaint against them. Linn even met with big important people about the fact that Baby Einstein couldn’t provide any information proving the videos as educational. It really seems Susan Linn has it out for the whole Baby Einstein Corporation – which is owned by Disney.

With the pressure that Susan Linn put upon Disney and Baby Einstein, they did change their marketing, but as Susan Linn says, “that’s not good enough.”

She has stayed true to her path and continued to push and push and push.

Baby Einstein issued a press release on September 4, 2009, which no one seems to have heard about until just this week, stating they are offering a refund to any parents not satisfied with their videos. Susan McLain offers a solid statement setting the record straight in response to Linn’s accusations and pressures. She leaves it up to the parents of the future baby Einstein’s out there to decide which direction to move in – ask for a refund or keep on watching the videos.

The thing is, sitting a kid in front of a video isn’t going to create a genius, most of us know that, but there isn’t anything wrong with letting the wee ones enjoy an interesting and educationally action packed video now and again. In fact there has been recent research done proving a little boob tube isn’t going to cause destruction to a baby’s developing brain. But, sitting your precious baby in front of a video or the television for hours on end isn’t going to support and encourage growth either.

No matter who you side with, get over it, get your baby away from the TV and go play or something. This is a magical time of development for your baby and it shouldn’t all be in front of the television. Go for a walk and talk about all the wonders of nature around you, roll a ball back and forth on the grass or read a book. These are activities that will create happy and healthy babies. Use the TV as a back up plan on those days you really need to give yourself a break take a moment to breathe.