Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…

© Sarah Lipoff 2010

The hubs and I had a serious discussion the other night. To get a tree, or to not get a tree. Last year we used a big plant in the corner as our holiday tree for fear our hobbling babe would pull the whole thing down. This year, our daughter’s a bit older (not so much wiser) and we’re wanting to create a festive home for the holidays to enjoy – but how to do it safely?!

I know, I know. There are other mamas and daddies out there chuckling at my concern. Yes, she’ll survive, and she’s not going to pull the tree down. But, I am worried she’ll spend countless hours putting on and taking off those colorful and shiny ornaments! Do they make rubber christmas ornaments? Ones made from un-breakable plastic?!

Someone told me to just do it – get a tree and not worry about what the wee tot does. We’ll love the pictures and she’ll enjoy looking at them later in life, too. I always remember having a tree and enjoying the sparkling lights and, of course, the presents underneath of it Christmas morning. It’s all about tradition, isn’t it? And I guess it’s time to get over my Christmas tree concerns and go out and get one.

Will that someone come over every time one of those shiny ornaments gets smashed to the floor?


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