Potty Training – It’s not going to happen in one day.

I was amazed my daughter was showing signs of being ready to try the potty. So, last week, I rushed out and bought a child potty, set it up right next to the real deal in the bathroom and, by pure luck, the first time I sat her on her new potty seat, she went potty! I was totally ecstatic! My child had NO idea what was going on – or what I was celebrating about.

Every two hours I put her on the potty and hoped for another miracle. I was exhausted by the end of the second day. I think she was, too.

At first, she ran to the little potty full of fascination quickly ripping off her diaper and plopping her little tushy on the seat. She reached for toilet paper, inevitably pulled off way too many sheets, and tossed them in her baby potty throne. Then, the shininess wore off, and it was just another thing to sit on, push around, and try to pick up.

After about five days, we had both stopped running to the baby potty. I decided to not push potty training, and my daughter continued to need diapers. Instead of getting frustrated, I decided we would try again in a of couple weeks with a diligent try on the potty every two hours. We are traveling at the beginning of next month and I would hate to just start having potty training click only to have it disrupted by going on a trip. I also don’t feel like toting a potty seat on vacation.

Some parents are ready to do anything to make potty training happen, putting a potty in the car for traveling, bringing a travel potty seat that folds flat, and stopping their lives (and the others that might be with them) to have their child sit on the potty every two hours. I’m not ready for that. I don’t think my daughter is either.

So, while on vacation, I will let my daughter run about without a diaper in the comfort of grandma and grandpa’s yard to maybe experience peeing freely and getting a better understanding of her body and when it’s ready to go potty.

Hey, if it works, who cares!