Born Wicked – Wickedly good

Born Wicked, the first book in the Cahill Witch Chronicles by Jessica Spotswood, is definitely a romance. Full of dreamy imagery together with interesting drama, and a few twists and turns, I (honestly) couldn’t put it down. Considered Young Adult, this is the first book of three in the Cahill Witch Chronicles and it had me hooked. Sure, some of it was a bit contrived, but that’s what being 16 is like, right? First loves, social pressures, being forced into choosing marriage or joining the Sisterhood at 17, worrying about being carted off for being a witch…

The book is set in the 1890’s where girls are at risk of being accused of witchery just for being a bit different. Spotswood has created the Brotherhood; the group the girls fear that not only are in charge of taking away those witchy girls, but also selecting a husband for the un-claimed girl once turned 17. And, for Cate, this has become quite the challenge.

Our main character is a 16-going-on-17 witch. She’s the oldest of three young witch sisters that have been successfully living in secrecy. Cate’s been in charge since her mother died several years ago, and has kept her sisters’ magic – as well as her own, under wraps. But when her father decides it is time to bring in a specialist from the Sisterhood to assist the girls transition into womanhood, things start to fall apart.

And then Cate falls in love – and not with whom everyone, including herself, expects her to.

Sure, this book isn’t going to make the list of the top 100 YA fiction of all time, but Born Wicked has strong female characters that aren’t afraid to be themselves and follow their hearts. You can’t help yourself for hoping that Cate gets what she wants, and that her sisters stay safe from the Brotherhood.

Spotswood does a wonderful job of writing a book you kind of fall in love with yourself.

I’m totally looking forward to reading the next two books of the chronicles.

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Diary of a Mad Fat Girl

By the second page of Diary of a Mad Fat Girl I was laughing out loud. OUT LOUD. Stephanie McAfee sets the scene perfectly for a wonderfully fun read packed with interesting twists and turns – and true characters. By the end of the book I wanted Ace Jones as my new bestie.

Um, well, honestly?

I wanted to be Ace Jones.

Yes, you aren’t going to be on the edge of your seat with the comprehensive plot or intense situations, but you are going to snicker your ass off while getting caught up with the character’s dirty laundry while reading of Diary of a Mad Fat Girl. McAfee knows how to crank out a Southern-fried book full of ladies drinking sweet tea and lovers behaving badly.

This is the type of book that makes anything better – even a packed plane ride a full of ornery people. I guarantee you’ll be the one laughing out loud while everyone else is grumbling.

When her spring break plans are changed at the last-minute, Ace Jones is led down a bump-and-tumble road of events that could only happened in the unique town of Bugtussle, Mississippi. Instead of shrinking into the shadows, Ace runs head-first into the drama that starts unfolding around her, using her wit and quick humor to deal with one crazy situation after another.

But, when an old flame comes around, things change.

I found myself turning page after page, devouring the fun and trying to figure out how it would all end.

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*Yes, I was provided a book and paid for this review by BlogHer, but the opinions are totally all my own.

A Good Hard Look: You won’t be able to put it down

I love a fantastic book, and when I had the opportunity to read A Good Hard Look by Ann Napolitano and write a review over at BlogHer, I was so excited. Reading is one of my favorite things to do when not chasing the tot, eating chocolate, or cooking and cleaning. So, whenever I can snatch a couple of minutes, I am usually all caught up in a book. And the minute I started A Good Hard Look, I knew I wouldn’t be able to put it down…..

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The Twilight rage

I have a shocking confession to make. For those of you that know me, it might be a bit surprising to hear. But, I can’t keep this bottled up inside shaking around anymore.

I read the Twilight saga. Each and every book. All four of the tween scream series.

At first I was just going to read them for research. Everyone was talking about it. They were all gushing and swooning over what great books they were – how they couldn’t DO anything because they had to read, read, read the Twilight books. Seriously? These were grown women talking like this. I decided I had to read them – at least just the first one.

I picked up Twilight on a Monday. By Friday I had read the entire saga – all of them.

I wasn’t really sure why I read them. The plot line was pretty pathetic, the language full of crappy descriptive words glorifying the dead calling them “beautiful” (this word was used lots) vampires and it wasn’t hard to figure out what was going to happen next. But, I continued to read and read and read until there was no more. I can’t explain it. I can’t at all.

So, with the second installment of the Twilight saga coming out in theaters (New Moon) I am slightly conflicted. I haven’t made the foray into the movies yet, and not sure if I want to. But, it is tempting. It sure is. I’m just don’t know if I want Twilight to suck up any more of my brain time that I would rather spend enjoying better things.

Now, where can I rent Twilight on Blu Ray?