Fine art for kids: Marker wash

Even the very young benefit from exploring their ability to make marks, which may not look like much, but are essential to their art development.  Your child’s creative growth is encouraged through making messes, scribbling, and trying new things. Toddler artwork is truly abstract, with no recognizable shapes or design, but can be proudly displayed around your home or used for other fun projects.

An engaging and fun artwork can be accomplished with your young child by taping a square of drawing paper, or if you feel like splurging, watercolor paper, to their high chair tray. Toss your babe some washable markers and let her explore creating lots and lots of lines. She will inevitably do some taste testing with those markers, but have no fear, they aren’t toxic, and washable markers mostly wash off (red is a bit challenging to remove from clothes and skin).

Once your little one has covered her paper with lines of color, replace those markers with a wet paintbrush. Let her paint over the lines and watch as they blend together and change. When the paintbrush becomes dry, re-wet the paintbrush for her and allow the painting to continue.

Remove the tray before the paper gets too soaked and wipe your babe down – especially if she has marker on her hands or around her mouth. Washable markers are great if you can toss the marked items in with the laundry – couches don’t fit in the washer!

I proudly display my daughter’s artwork on the fridge, but you could cut and paste them on the front of cards to send Grandma, or place them in small frames around the house. I’ve even used pieces of baby painted paper for wrapping gifts!

Take the time to create some art with your babe today. Encouraging her creativity will benefit her budding development and allow you both to enjoy some important bonding time together!