Meet Sunscreen Irene and the KidZGoo Crew


Remember when I introduced you to Suntan Stan? Well my talented friend is at it again with a new book and a sunscreen line that’s made to educate and protect all of your loved ones. The fun book shares how Irene’s favorite part of the day is playing outdoors, but has learned to cover herself from head-to-toe with sunscreen before heading outside — even on cloudy days. Because sunburn is no fun!

Sunscreen Irene is a fun read, sharing how wearing sunblock is an important part of any kid’s day. But here’s the deal — they need your help to make it a reality, so head over to their Kickstarter campaign and make a donation. I just pledged $25 and hope you’ll consider contributing at the cause too. And part of the deal includes donating 10,000 books to kindergarten students free of cost to raise awareness of the importance of sunscreen use at the elementary school level so your contribution means a lot more then you know! Click on the video below to learn more:

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