My child has major bed-head

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I know you might not believe me, but, yet again, I was accosted while in the check-out line by another do-goodie mama who deemed herself THE parenting expert of the moment to ask why I was choosing to let my child’s hair dread. Was it a fashion statement or something?


I turned to her with a questioning look and kind of shrugged, waiting to see what she would say next.

I think she wasn’t sure where to go or what to do. So, she kept talking….

She asked if I was going to let all her hair dread, was I at least washing it through the process, how I was planing on maintaining the dreads, blahblablaaaaaah.

I finally cut her off and explained I was not “dreading” my child’s hair. No matter how much combing, washing, and combing again, every morning my child’s hair looks like this.

Really? She questions.


I didn’t feel she needed to know the gory details about how my daughter screams her head off whenever she sees the brush, that the screaming increases to extreme levels when the brush touches her hair, and then how once the combing is done, the tot continues to scream and scream, and sometimes even tosses herself to the ground with the classic fists-and-feet pounding, which always causes the husband and I to giggle uncontrollably, resulting in LOUDER screams and MORE pounding.

So, actually, I don’t brush her hair every morning, because sometimes I don’t feel like dealing with all that noise. I’m sure my neighbors appreciate that decision, too.

I usually manage to wrangle her after her bath time, coat her hair with a dollop of deep conditioner, quickly pull a brush through the mess, and then let her loose to run amuck through the house while screaming naked.

It’s actually kind of cute and usually one of us chases her, resulting in lots of laughter and smiles.

My child has major bed-head and I’m okay with that.


One thought on “My child has major bed-head

  1. Haha! I took a picture of my son on his first day of preschool and everyone on Facebook kept commenting on his *hair*. Sure, I had let it get really long, and it had a rat’s nest in the back but I was like, PEOPLE it’s a picture of him at SCHOOL. SCHOOL, HE’S IN SCHOOL NOW. Sheesh!

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