The noisy child toy

© Sarah Lipoff 2010

I have spent most of the day in a daze. This isn’t really a new thing – with a wee tot, a snoring husband, and a mourning cat, there are lots of things happening in the dark hours of the night at my house. But, last night was extra-special. Last night I was awakened in the early hours of the morning by an interesting noise.

This wasn’t a noise that caused alarm or made me reach over to grab at the hubs attempting to wake him to fight in valor whatever had made its way into the house. Nope. This was a noise that was familiar – but I just couldn’t place it.

I snuggled back down and hoped it was a crazy fluke or something, And, then, there it was again. I turned to check the turned-to-the-wall clock (remember those sleeping tips?) and saw a big red 4:30. In the process of moving about, the husband awoke just in time to hear the odd little noise again.

It was one of our daughter’s toys. It was one of her toys that makes noise that she loves and the batteries were dying causing it to make this adorable ding-a-ling noise that was ding-a-linging at 4:30 am in the morning.

I tip-toed upstairs, grabbed the thing and shoved it deep in the couch under the pillows.

Once happily cocooned within the bedding next to the already snoring husband, I heard the noise again, but now it was LOUDER. Somehow those pillows had caused that little toy’s noise to amplify.

I was not happy.

While lying in the bed trying to figure out if I should just cover my head with a pillow and get over it, it la-la-laaahd again and about 1,000 of my already fading brain cells shorted out.

I made my way upstairs again and quickly tried to figure out what to do with the beloved toy short of throwing it out the front door and smashing it to bits (because it is one of my daughter’s FAVORITE toys).

So, I put it in the fridge.

It’s still in there.

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