Healthful Mondays: Sick-busting

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The babe has been battling a sniffly nose for a day or two now, and today is the day to kick it in the butt. A child with the sniffles is pretty lame. Not only are they dripping snot all over the place, they are small and cute and sick, which means they might not be the best company – or want to lie on you all day. Yes, this may sound like a lovely thing, but when you’ve got a sink full of dishes, tons of laundry to do, and work that needs to be done, being a snuggle-snot rag can be tough.

So, the fist thing I did was clear the schedule for the day. I feel bad not being at preschool today, but having a healthy babe is at the top of my “must have” list. Secondly, I tossed all items that are in any close contact with the wee tot into the dishwasher and laundry for some super hot washing. Thirdly, I got out a clean old onesie that the babe will never wear again and cut it up to use to wipe the snotty nose. And, lastly, I put on some nasty clothes and got ready for a day of sick-busting.

I shoved a bottle with water-downed orange juice in the babe’s hand and started chopping fruit. Strawberries are high in cold-fighting vitamin C and contain a good amount of fiber. Along with strawberries, red grapes (which are my daughter’s FAVORITE) have antioxidants and are gentle on the tummy. I’m also heading out to pick up some vitamin C filled red pepper to make a cold-fighting sauce for some pastas for lunch – yummy AND healthy!

Along with providing tons of fruits, liquids, and healthy cold-fighting foods for my daughter, we’re planning a nice walk in the fresh air followed by a long nap. I’m going to make sure I eat lots of fruit, drink loads of water, and attempt a nap later, also. The only thing worse than a babe with a cold is a mama with a cold, too!

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