Wait, What?!

I had it all planned out. The list was safe and sound in my head. What a great idea Рreally, it was! Wait, what was I  all excited about!

This happens to me a lot, especially during trips to the grocery store. I often forget my mental list while there. I wander up and down the isles. The baby enjoys riding in the cart and we don’t have any reason to rush. I take a deep breath and try to remember. What am I doing here? What did I come here for?

I get home and I remember.

My husband suggests that I make a list of the items I would like to purchase while at the store. Maybe I would be able to complete a shopping trip successfully if all items where carefully listed and then checked off. Perhaps my husband would prefer to do the grocery shopping.

The thing is, I don’t really mind that I forget. Sometimes it is helpful to not remember (like the hair I had in the 80’s).

So, if you see me at the market wandering the aisles singing a song and smiling at my baby, I am just trying to remember my list but not really caring that I forgot.