My Baby is the Best Baby – Ever.

Those of you without children won’t really get this. Until you have one of the little things in front of you and get to squeeze it and play with it and deal with it on a regular basis, there isn’t any way to explain the feeling.

My kid is the best ever. Super best.

I am completely aware that this is not true and that the majority of parents out there feel the same way about their children. I am very aware that my baby doesn’t fully understand the constant stream of compliments, praise and utter adoration I slather upon her. It is probably for the best (as I have been scolded on the ways of over-praising).

But, for right now, I don’t really care what anyone else thinks or says. My baby is the best baby ever. Even when she hasn’t slept the night before, when she has decided she is going to pull all the CD’s that she can reach out of their cases over and over again or finds pulling my hair and pinching my upper arms extremely entertaining.

She still is the best baby ever. Mainly because she is my baby. And, I love her to bits.

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